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The Pari Center for New Learning is located in the quiet hilltop village of Pari, some 25km south of Siena. It was created by the late F. David Peat and Maureen Doolan as a congenial location where people can think, learn, meet together, carry out their projects and enjoy the surrounding environment and community.

Its educational activities include courses and workshops held at Pari, extended learning programs and mentoring.

To contact the Center

The Center arranges conferences that reflect its philosophy. It supports discussion forums hosted on this site and from time to time offers web-based learning.

The Center welcomes thinkers, writers, artists, academics, thinkers and all those who would like to spend time in Pari to work, think and join in the ongoing discussions at the Center.


What's New

Pari Center Courses for 2019


To take a course at the Pari Center click here

The Waves

An adptation of Virginia Woolf's novel as a play for voices. Adapted and directed by David Peat . Click here

Bohm's Infinite Potential : A documentary on the life and ideas of David Bohm

Paul Howard (Imagine films) is currently fund raising for a 90 min documentary on the life and ideas of David Bohm.

For more information.

Interview with David Peat


For a Anthony Peake's one hour interview with David Peat, click here


To see a clip of Jan Diederen's documentary on Synchronicity click here.

Pari and the Sustainable City of the Future

In 2011 the Pari Center joined groups in Berlin, London, Stockholm, Tromso and Lisbon in a European Union sponsored project directed to steps towards a sustainable city of the future. For a description of the project click here .


Historic Interviews

A series of interviews with some of the world's leading physicists including Heisenberg, Dirac, Prigogine, Wheeler and Bohm have been added to this site. For more information click here.

A Flickering Reality: Cinema and the nature of reality.

David Peat's new book is now available. For additional information click here

Journeying to Turtle Island

For information about a new documentary and trailer see:

Gentle Action Video

Polly Ryan, one of David Peat's students has made a video on Gentle Action. You can see it at

Gentle Actions, Oslo

Gentle Actions, an art and ecology happening was held at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway 23 October - 14 November. David Peat spoke on "Gentle Action on 23 October and with Godelieve Spaas ran a "Pari Dialogue" on "beauty" on the following day.

Remembering Beryl Bainbridge

A recollection of meeting with Beryl Bainbridge who died 2 July 2010.

David Peat's Lecture at Falmouth College of Art

David Peat gave a talk on "Animate Nature" at the Falmouth College of Art on 8 March. To hear his talk and the discussion that followed click heret

New Section: Pari Dialogues

A new section has been added to the Pari Center website. This describes the Pari Dialogues, a service whereby an organization or busienss can come to Pari with an issue or question that can explored with other Pari Dialoguers in the safe and secure container of the Pari Center. For more information.

Ethics Business and the Future

A highly successful Pari Roubtable was held 11-13 September 2009. For a report on the meeting and the formation of the Pari Dialogue Group click here.


New Dimensions features an interview with F. David Peat

There is a streaming audio interview with David Peat at the New Dimensions Café entitled "Pause to Listen" Go to Click on New Dimensions Café and scroll down 9 programs and you'll find the 11 minute dialogue David Peat had with Michael Toms. If you would like to subscribe to the New Dimensions Café podcast which features many of the guests that appear on New Dimensions it is available for a free subscription on the home page as well.

You can also hear the complete one hour Gentle Action interview as well as several other programs with David Peat in the New Dimensions archive. Just go to the home page and put in David Peat in the search box and scroll down to the titles of programs 3298, 3204, and 2141. Click on any one of them and you'll be able to download them for a small fee

New Dimensions is working in partnership with Stanford University Library to digitize their entire archive of over 8000 hours of deep dialogues with hundreds of the most innovative movers and shakers on the planet. More hours are added to the archive every week.

David Peat on Youtube

David Peat in conversation with Jena Alexrod.


Radio Interview

New Dimensions Media has featured an interview with David Peat. Program #3204 LIVING IN MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCE: REFLECTIONS OF A PHYSICIST hosted by Michael Toms.

You may purchase a copy of the interview in the form of an MP3 download from the New Dimensions Media website. Please note this program will remain available as part of theextensive archives of New Dimensions Media and may be ordered from that point on.


New papers are regularly being posted in the Library section of this web site. These include essays on globalization, religion, creativity, consciousness, chaos theory, education and general cultural issues. The Library also contains our Newsletters.

Una piccola parte di questo sito è ora disponibile in italiano.

Gentle Action

David Peat book "Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World" is available in the UK and North America.

Copies can also be ordered from Pari Publishing.

Peat would be very interested to receive examples of Gentle Action at


New: Daddy, What is an Instinct?

A Metalogue with Gregory Bateson. For more information.


Epiphany for Order

A exploration of order in physics. For more information.

His Master's Voice

A Radio play by David Peat. For more information.

Basic books in Science

The Pari Center is supporting a new project whereby a series of workbooks in science can be downloaded without charge from the Pari Center website.


Pathways of Chance

David Peat's book, Pathways of Chance, can be ordered from Pari Publishing.

Gormley at the Hayward

David Peat's review of Antony Gormley's show at the Hayward Gallery


Art Installation

See "Bell Campana" (pdf 9 Mb) an art installation Rosalind Murray's made for the Pari Center.


A series of video clips featuring David Peat speaking on quantum theory, language, the Blackfoot world view and the theories of David Bohm, as well as shots of Pari and interviews within the village is now available in the Pari Center website library.

This also includes a video clip of the village of Pari


A series of audio clips of Heisenberg, Dirac, Rosenfeld, Penrose, Wheeler, Salam and Bohm discussing quantum theory and relativity. In addition it now feateures a Metalogue with Gregory Bateson on "Daddy What is an Instinct" Click here.

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