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Fellows of the Accademia dei Pari

The Accademia dei Pari does not have a fixed membership. While there is a central core of members others may come and go according to the subject discussed.

Dennise Albrecht, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada

Dr. William Bricken

Dr. João Caraça, Director of Research, the Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal

John P. Coleman, Academic Resources Coordinator, Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim, California

Dr. Arthur Cordell, Special Advisor, Information Technology, Industry Canada

Dr Virginia Del Re, Linguist, University of Pisa

Prof. Ruth Dempsey, Professor of Education, University of Ottawa, Canada

Prof. Chris Drane, Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Prof. Francesca Farabollini, ProRector of Education, University of Siena

Prof. Maurizio Franzini, Economist, University of Siena

Prof. Basil Hiley, Dept. Theoretical Physics, Birkbeck College, University of London

Dr. Deborah Klimburg-Salter, University of Vienna

Dr. Rita Lauria, North Carolina State University

Prof. Ignazio Licata Theoretical physicist and epistemologist, Istituto di Cibernetica Non-Lineare, Marsala, Sicily

Dr. Elena Liotta, Jungian Analyst, Orvieto and Rome, Italy

Dr. Roger Malina, Director Laboratoire d'Astrophysics de Marseille, France; Director NASA Orbiting Observatory, University of California, Berkley; Executive Editor of Leonardo magazine.

Prof. Roy McWeeny, Theoretical Chemist, University of Pisa

Dr. David Peat, Physicist and writer, Pari, Italy

Jayne Persch, New Hampshire, Dancer and teacher

Prof. Chris Philippidis, School of Interdisciplinary Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol

Prof. Paavo Pylkkanen, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Skovde, Sweden

Dr. Elina Pylkkanen, University of Skovde, Sweden

Dr Paolo Terni, Human Resources consultant and Coach, Milan

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