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Accademia dei Pari - Philosophy

The Accademia dei Pari was born during the roundtable meeting on The Future of the Academy, held in Pari in September, 2000. The participants all felt the need for Academies that will encourage cross-disciplinary exchange and debate.

Pari seemed an ideal location for one such Academy. Our model was that of the Platonic Academy of Renaissance Florence, a group with no formal membership but which fostered an active exchange of new ideas. A similar academy now exists here in Pari - but we could all benefit from the patronage of a new Lorenzo di Medici!

Throughout the summer visitors to the Pari Center meet around a table for dinner and to talk about values, community, the environment, future developments and many of the other issues that face our contemporary world. During the summer of 2001 participants included those from science, economics, psychology, film makers, artists, writers, philosophers, environmentalists, those involved in community and social programs as well as a number of business people.

While participants come and go, the central core remains the village of Pari, its people and its "spirit of place". Pari, a medieval town in Italy, is an ideal location to reflect on the future for, as Carlo Levi put it, "the future has an ancient heart".

A number of key issues emerged over the summer of 2001 and in order to give them greater focus we are now considering defining interdisciplinary research projects and applying for funding. We will also consider publication of some of our deliberations. One or more of these topics could also form the basis of a more formal meeting of the Accademia dei Pari - a three to four day round table gathering of some twenty to twenty five participants who would explore particular issues with aim of producing a deeper analysis and possibly even some policy recommendations.

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