Dr. Elena Liotta

Anche in Italiano

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1950. Clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst, member of IAAP (International Association Analytical Psychology) and training analyst of AIPA (Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Analitica), Professor of Psychology and Psychodynamics for private and public institutions, Italian and foreign.

Elena has written many articles, edited books, given and organized conferences in her field, following an ideal development that goes from Oriental Studies (her first university degree) to Creativity studies, Contemporary Science and Contemporary Society (including Women Studies, Education, Psychosocial problems), with a Jungian and broad Depth Psychology background. She has also worked, in recent years, as a City Councillor in Orvieto (Central Italy) adding a political and administrative experience to her background. Her present attention moves toward integrating deep psychological knowledge and sensitivity into large public institutions devoted to the care and the cure of people - i.e. School and Health systems - and into the Community as a whole.

Address: Loc. Torre S. Severo, 51 - Orvieto (TR) - ITALY
Tel. 076328590 e-mail: elenaliotta@infinito.it


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Re-creating a Community - Politics, Education and Depth Psychology in a New Challenge