Edward J Nell

Graduate Faculty
New School for Social Research
65 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10003

Born - Chicago, Illinois, 1935. Married - four children


B.A., Princeton University, 1957
Rhodes Scholarship, 1957-1960
Oxford University, B.A., First Class, PPE, 1959
Magdalen College, Oxford, 1957-1959
Nuffield College, Oxford, 1959-1962
Oxford University, B. Litt., 1964

Academic Positions:

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Assistant Professor, 1962-67
President of the Junior Faculty, 1966-67
Secretary of the AAUP, 1965-67
University of East Anglia, 1967-69
Malcolm B. Smith Professor of Economics, Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research,
Chairman, Department of Economics, Graduate Faculty,
New School for Social Research, 1973-75 and 1984-90
Member, Executive and Budget Committee, Graduate Faculty,
New School for Social Research, 1984-present
Visiting Professor, Bennington College, 1979-80
Lecturer on Macroeconomics, Growth Theory and Monetary Economics,
Centro di Studi Economici Avanzati, Trieste, Italy, Summers 1979-87
Visiting Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Spring 1980
Fellow of The Lehrman Institute, New York, 1981-2
Visiting Professor, University of Rome, Italy, Fall 1982 & Winter 1983
Visiting Professor, University of Orleans, France, Summer 1984 & Spring 1990
Visiting Professor and Bard Center Fellow, Bard College, Fall 1984
Adolph Lowe Exchange Professor, University of Bremen, West Germany,
Summer 1985
Visiting Professor, University of Siena, Italy, Spring 1987
Visiting Professor, University of Nice, France and Research Professor, LATAPSES,
Spring 1989
Visiting Scholar, Public Sector Research Center, University of New South Wales,
Sydney, Australia, Fall 1991
Joseph Schumpeter Lecturer, University of Graz, Graz, Austria, 1995
Visiting Professor, J. W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, 1995



Rational Economic Man (with Martin Hollis), Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 1974. (Portuguese translation published
in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Zahir Editores. Japanese translation.)
Growth, Profits and Property, edited by E.J. Nell,
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980.
Demand Efectiva, Precios y Salarios, (edited and translated by A.
Schneider), Mexico: Editorial Trillas, Mexico, 1983.
Historia y Teoria Economica, edited by A. Barcelo y Lluis Argemi,
Barcelona, Spain: Editorial Critica, Grijalbo, 1984.
Free Market Conservatism: A Critique of Theory and Practice,
London, UK: George Allen and Unwin, 1984.
Prosperity and Public Spending: Tranformational Growth and the
Role of the State, London, UK: Unwin and Hyman, 1988.
Nicholas Kaldor and Mainstream Economics: Confrontation and Convergence, edited with Willi Semmler, Essays from the Kaldor
Conference, London, UK: Macmillan, 1991.
Transformational Growth and Effective Demand, London, UK:
Macmillan, 1992.
Beyond the Steady State: Essays in the Revival of Growth Theory,
edited with Joseph Halevi and David Laibman, London, UK:
Macmillan, 1992.
Economics as Worldly Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Robert
Heilbroner, edited with Jaspal Chatha and Ron Blackwell,
London, UK: Macmillan, 1992.
Money in Motion, edited with Ghislain Deleplace, London, UK:
Macmillan, 1995. (In press)
Making Sense of a Changing Economy. Routledge: London and New York, 1996
The General Theory of Transformational Growth: Keynes After Sraffa.
Cambridge University Press, 1998
Transformational Growth and the Business Cycle. With George Argyrous et al. Routledge, 1998.
The General Theory of Transformational Growth, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press., 1998

Books - to be published

LEVIATHAN'S WALLET: Prosperity, Public Spending and Transformational Growth, with Ray Majewski, and the assistance of Jacob Nell. Submitted to Cambridge

Teaching Texts:

Property and the Means of Production, Warner Module No.511, 1973.
"Income Distribution: Two Viewpoints," a taped discussion with
E.J. Nell and Joseph Stiglitz, Sussex Tapes, 1973.
"Feudalism: A Teaching Module," Albany: State University of New York
Press, 1974.


73 articles in professional economics journals and edited volumes; 6 articles in professional philosophy journals; 12 articles in popular magazines.

Recent articles

"Discussion - Financial Markets and Excess Capital Flows in Asia", GLOBAL FINANCIAL TURMOIL AND REFORM, Ed. Barry Herman, United Nations University Press, 1999, pp. 448-53

"Price Theory and Macroeconomics: Stylized Facts and New Keynesian Fantasies", in Roy Rotheim, ed., NEW KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS / POST KEYNESIAN ALTERNATIVES, New York and London: Routledge, pp. 71-105, 1998

"Stages in the Development of the Business Cycle", in H. Hagemann and H. D. Kurz, POLITICAL ECONOMICS IN RETROSPECT: Essays in memory of Adolph Lowe, Edward Elgar, 1998, pp. 131-55.

"Limiti di comprensione: la trasformazione della crescita e il ruolo dello stato", in A. Graziani and A. M. Nassisi, L'ECONOMIA MONDIALE IN TRASFORMAZIONE, manifestolibri srl, 1998, pp. 193-227.

Articles - to be published

"Monetary Circulation and the Classical Equations", to be published in the Proceedings of the Conference on Sraffa and Modern Economics.

"Exogenous Pricing, Inflation and the ELR", to be published in the proceedings of the Conference on Labor, Inflation and Full Employment.

"The Simple Theory of Unemployment", to be published in the proceedings of the Vickrey Conference

"Transformational Growth and the Business Cycle" to be published in the new URPE Reader

"Capitalism, Socialism and Effective Demand", forthcoming in PAPERS IN POLITICAL ECONOMY, eds. P. Arestis and M. Sawyer, London

"Minsky's Debt-Deflation and the Supply of Money", to be published by the Levy Institute

"The Macroeconomics of an ELR Program", (with Ray Majewski). To be submitted to the JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ISSUES

"Institutional Aspects of an ELR Program", (with Ray Majewski). To be submitted to the JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ISSUES

Lectures and Conference Presentations:

"Monetary Aspects of the Asian Crisis", Meeting of Experts, DESA - United Nations: July 21-23, 1998.

"The Stylized Facts of Transformational Growth", Invited Keynote Lecture, METU Conference, Ankara, Turkey, Sept. 8-11, 1998

"Monetary Circulation in the Classical System", Conference on Sraffa and Modern Economics, Rome, Italy, Oct. 5-8, 1998

"The Textbook Picture of the Economy", Conference in Honor of Robert L. Heilbroner, New School University, Nov 10-11, 1998

"Exogenous Pricing and the ELR", Conference at Newcastle, Australia, Dec. 3-5, 1998

"Hard Drugs and Easy Money", Trent University, Feb. 3, 1999

"The Illegal Market in Drugs", Sir Sandford Fleming College, Feb 3, 1999

"The Basics of Transformational Growth" and "Monetary Systems With and Without Anchors", presentations at the Eastern Economic Association Conference, March 10-12, 1999, Boston, MA

"Money Isn't What it Used to be", Lecture to Drew University Wall St Program

"The Simple Theory of Unemployment", presentation to the Conference in Honor of William Vickrey, Columbia University, March ,1999

"Minsky's Debt-Deflation and the Supply of Money", presentation to the Annual Levy Institute Minsky Memorial Conference, Annandale-on Hudson, April 21-23, 1999

"Chartalism and Anchored Money", comment on Charles Goodhart, presented at the New School University mini-Conference on Chartalism and Monetarism, April 24, 1999

Media Presentations:

Interview for Turkish Television on the Asian Crisis and Globalization, Sept 10, 1998

Interview with Turkish Newsmagazine, on the Asian Crisis and Globalization, Sept 10, 1998

Hour-long discussion with Cristina Marcuzzo for Italian Educational TV on the Economics of Michal Kalecki: its Implications for Today, Oct 6, 1998