Dr. F. David Peat

Pari, Italy
David Peat is an author, physicist and thinker who, for many years worked as a theoretical physicist in Canada, looking at the foundations of quantum theory and its link with general relativity. His long-term friendship with David Bohm involved an exploration of ideas in physics, space, time and the nature of consciousness. While living in Canada David also organized a series of dialogue circles with Native American Elders and Western scientists in collaboration with Leory Little Bear.

David has a long-term interest in the links between art, music and science. For several months he served as a peripatetic "Scientist in Residence" at St Martin's School of Art, Ruskin College of Art, the West of England College of Art and Brighton College of Art. He also has several ongoing conversations with a number of artists and musicians.

David is the author of over twenty books including From Certainty to Uncertainty: The Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century, The Blackwinged Night: Creativity in Nature and Mind; Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind; Lighting the Seventh Fire: The Spiritual Ways, Healing and Science of the Native American; Science, Order and Creativity (with David Bohm), Philosopher's Stone; Einstein's Moon; Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm and with John Briggs - Turbulent Mirror; Looking Glass Universe and Seven Life Lessons of Chaos. While in Canada also he wrote and co-produced many radio documentaries including the twenty-hour series "A Question of Physics", as well as plays for stage and radio and a twenty-minute film, Memories.

In 1996 David moved to the village of Pari, near Siena, Italy where he runs the Pari Center for new learning. .


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