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Bohm’s Infinite Potential

A documentary film on the life and ideas of David Bohm

David Peat and Paul Howard (Imagine Films) are currently fund raising for a 90 min documentary film on the physicist and philosopher David Bohm.

A student of Oppenheimer, he became the Dali Lama’s “scientific guru”, and the man Einstein referred to as his “spiritual son”, Bohm proved to be one of the 20th Century’s most brilliant thinkers in the fields of physics, philosophy, psychology, language and education.

His contributions include the deep connections between mind and matter, the need for wholeness in life and society, the possibilities for a transformation of human consciousness, and a dialogue process that may help to heal the fragmentation of contemporary society and bring insight into how fixed positions and attitudes are physically structured within the body itself.

The film will explore Bohm’s life and ideas via interviews, animation, dramatic reconstructions and archival material. It will document his life from his childhood in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, though his time with Robert Oppenheimer, his friendship with Einstein at Princeton, his period of exile in Brazil and his research at Bristol University and the University of London.

The film will explain and illustrate his work on plasmas in metals and his Hidden Variable approach as an alternative to orthodox quantum theory. While in Bristol Bohm sought for a New Order to physics, one that would reconcile quantum theory and relativity. Bohm’s New Order to physics evolved into notions of the explicate, implicate and super implicate order. Then at Birkbeck College, London Bohm revived elements of his earlier Hidden Variable approach using the Quantum Potential whose form carries information of the experimental situation in which an electron finds itself. The electron’s ability to “read” this information led Bohm to his proposal that the electron has protomind.

Bohm’s meeting with J Krishnamurti had a deep influence on his life and thinking and together the two engaged in a series of active dialogues.

Bohm also explored the notion of a leaderless dialogue via Patrick deMare and then ran a regular dialogue group in London. The film will show how Bohm believed that dialogue could free us from the “fixed non-negotable positions” that become trapped in our physical bodies. He also believed that dialogue could also clean up the “pollution” that infects our language.

Bohm also believed our present language acted as a barrier to a deeper understanding of the quantum world. What was required, he proposed, was an active verb-based language which he called the Rheomode. In this context, the film will illustrate the meeting with the Blackfoot elder, Leroy Little Bear, and others towards the end of the physicist’s life. Bohm discovered a new world of strongly verb based languages and a world view of constant flux and transformation which he believed was close to the quantum vision that underlies our world.

The film will be funded in part by television stations in the USA and UK and in part by donations. If you would like to support this film then please visit

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Audio clips

If you go to the “audio” section of the Library you will find clips of Bohm plus other audio of interviews with leading physicists including Heisenberg, Dirac, Wheeler and Priggogine.

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