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The Pari Center for New Learning was created by F. David Peat and Maureen Doolan with the support and assistance of the Center's advisors and the energy and hospitality of the people of Pari and Pari's village association Sette Colli and the comune di Civitella-Paganico. (Note: David Peat's own web site, which contains his writings, can be found at The Center is also building connections with groups and institutions in the United States, Australia and Europe.

The Center is dedicated to education, learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics and spirituality. Above all the Pari Center for New Learning is dedicated to the principle of "the spirit of place". Housed in a medieval village it becomes an ideal location in which to pause and think about the future and the values, meaning and direction of our contemporary society. The heavily wooded countryside and the traditional farming methods of Pari's inhabitants also remind us of the importance of ecological considerations in a world that has become increasingly obsessed with progress and consumerism.

The Pari Center favours a gentle approach to learning that emphasizes human interaction in simple, pleasant surroundings without the intrusion of unnecessary technology. It's philosophy and approach is also that of "Gentle Action"

The Center's activities include residential courses and conferences that reflect the Center's philosophy and offers an opportunity for scholars and researchers to spend extended periods in Pari. It is also possible to mentor with David Peat or other members of the Center's faculty.

The Center also runs discussion groups, talks and workshops in Italian.

In addition to residential activities here in Pari the Center also hosts Discussion Forums on its Web site.

The Pari Center for New Learning is registered as non-profit in Italy. It's executive consists of:-

F. David Peat - Director
Shantena Augusto Sabbadini -Associate Director

Gloria Cappelli - Secretary
Maureen Doolan - Treasurer
Elena Liotta

Note that the Center's newsletters can be found in the Library section of this website.


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