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Academy of Advisors

A new "Academy of Advisors" to the Pari Center is in the process of being set up. These include:

Helen Ampt, Member of EFA, Siena

Prof Isis Brook, Dept Philosophy, University of Lancaster

Dr. Arthur Cordell, Special Advisor, Information Technology Policy, Industry Canada, Government of Canada, Ottawa.

Dr. Virginia Del Re, Linguist, University of Pisa.

Mary Flanagan, Secretary, Friends of the Pari Center, USA

Prof Warwick Fox, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Centre for Professional Ethics
University of Central Lancashire

Siraj Izhar, Artist-Curator, Public Life, London

Dr. Elena Liotta, Jungian psychoanalyst and Professor of Psychology, Orvieto and Rome,. Italy

Alison MacLeod, novelist

Prof. Roy McWeeny, Emeritus Professor, University of Pisa

Lord Stone of Blackheath (Andrew Stone) former CEO of the Marks and Spenser chain.

Colin Tudge, writer and environmentalist, Oxford

Ruth West, environmentalist

Dr Eric Weislogel, Metanexus Institute



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