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The Philosophy of the Center

The Pari Center for New Learning is committed to excellence and creativity. It also respects a "sense of place", for the key to the Center is the medieval village of Pari, a location from which to contemplate society and its future.

The Philosophy and Aims of the Center are as follows:

  1. To promote the integration of knowledge, arts, science, ethical values, community and spirituality within the ambiance of a medieval village.
  2. To foster the social, economic and cultural development of Pari, the preservation of its traditions and values, and to offer possibilities and encouragement for the future to its youth.
  3. To provide opportunities for continued learning for adults by organizing courses, workshops and conferences of the highest standards facilitated by a faculty committed to excellence and creativity.
  4. To promulgate the approach of Gentle Action.
  5. To provide a creative environment for artists, writers, dancers, musicians, environmentalists, scientists, philosophers, psychologists and other thinkers to work together to explore new ideas and/or to work independently on their own projects within the supportive environment of the Pari community.
  6. To foster continuing research into art, science, psychology, education, ethics and society.
  7. To foster the investigation and development of ideas currently being explored by F. David Peat.
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