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Past Programs

Pari Dialogues 2009-2013
During the 2009 meeting on Ethics, Business and the Future the Pari Center resolved to pursue a new venture called the Pari Dialogues. Rather than a conventional conference in which participants present prepared papers, a Pari Dialogue takes the form of an alchemical container for free and open discussions. One in which participants are open to the exploration of new positions in more creative ways. The Center has held Pari Dialogues in London and Oslo. A Dialogue on Nature is planned for London’s South Bank Center for Autumn, 2013.

Sustainable Cities of the Future 2011-2013
In 2011 the Pari Center became a partner in a European Union project on Sustainable Cities of the Future. The other partners are based in Berlin, London, Lisbon, Tromso and Stockholm. The first meeting was held in Pari in 2011 with the Center attending subsequent meetings in Berlin and Stockholm in 2012 and Tromso and London in 2013. A final meeting will be held in Lisbon in June, 2013 and a report will be submitted to the EU in September 2013. While the other partners are focusing on the future of cities, Pari’s role has been to explore the sustainability of rural areas in the face of demands made by cities and, in particular, the health and survival of small farming and local produce.

Spirituality and Business October 10-12, 2013
This conference will be run in collaboration with SPES, the European Forum on Spirituality in Social and Economic Life. For more information see


Ethics, Business and the Future


The Legacy of David and Sarah Bohm


Towards a New Renaissance: World-Views, Spirituality and the Future


Ethical Choices in Economics, Society and the Environment.

Pari Roundtable on Publishing
June 27-28

The Next Horizon:
Re-examining Deep Values in Religion & Science

September 10-14


Unlimited Love: Self-Transcendence and Personal- Social Transformation - A participatory learning approach to the future of human well-being


CON LE MANI NON ARMATE: Una mostra e una giornata sulla storia delle donne 5 May 2002

The Future of Knowlege in the World of the Intenet Pari 11-12 May, 2002

Dialogue between the Three Communities (Jews, Christians and Muslims) and Science 28-30 June, 2002.

Pari Roundtable on Corporate Ethics, Globalization and Economic Instabilities 16,17 November


Chaos Theory and the Arts in the Context of Social, Economic and Organisational Development. 18-21 March


The Future of the Academy 8-11 September

Following this meeting the Center has been contributing a regular column to the educational journal On the Horizon - copies of these articles are posted in the Library.

London, March 1999

In March 1999 a group of artists and scientists met at the October Gallery, London to explore the relationship between art and science. The meeting was organzied by David Peat and in many ways sowed the seed that grew into the Pari Center for New Learning.


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