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The Legacy of David and Sarah Bohm


With the generous support of Taher Gozel

This meeting was held in Pari, May 2008. It involved some intense round table discussions amongst Bohm's former colleagues, students and other contacts.

In order to have a free and wide-ranging discussion we decided not to make and audio or video recording of the proceedings - such recordings can sometimes inhibit discussion. The event also included a discussion with Leroy Little Bear in Alberta via speaker phone.

In addition to discussing Bohm's life and work the meeting also proposed that we should give attention to a Bohm archive and ensure that former colleagues and friends be contacted in order to collect documents, letters and any recordings.

The notion of a film based on Bohm's life and work was also discussed and it was suggested that such a film should give the viewer a sense of Bohm's thought.

It was also decided that a public meeting be held and this is now planned for London on May 30, 2009.

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