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A possible organisational structure of "Pari Dialogues"

A "Pari Dialogue" is a dialogue process inspired by the concept of Gentle Action. It offers corporations and elements of civil society a space to explore sensitive issues, resolve difficulties and promote new pathways that are ethical, sustainable and profitable.

Pari Dialogues will be run by the Pari Center, a non-profit organisation, on behalf of a company, provisionally called "Pari Partnerships". Pari Partnerships will contact potential clients and users of the Pari Dialogue process and enter into contracts with them, as well as with the Pari Center, for running a dialogue on a specific issue.

The Pari Center provides a service, inviting competent dialoguers to join the clients and users and setting up a Pari Dialogue, in Pari or elsewhere, physically or virtually (via teleconferencing). For this service it is remunerated by Pari Partnerships, and out of this remuneration pays salaries, expenses, the invited dialoguers' fee and sets aside a fund for future expansion.

The invited dialoguers for a specific project are chosen, based on their competence and availability, from a Pari Dialogue Group. The members of the Pari Dialogue Group help set up the operation of Pari Partnerships with an initial endowment of 300 euros each and are part owners of the company.

The exact ownership and profit sharing formulas of Pari Partnership will be defined later, taking legal advice into account. But the spirit should be that of an 'enlightened' company, combining profit with high ethical standards and distributing its benefits among all stakeholders (including the members of the Pari Dialogue Group, other investors, staff, the Pari Center, David Peat and family, the village of Pari and even a fund for the environment). In other words, the company itself should be a living example of the type of changes it promotes.

A variety of projects Pari Partnership could engage in have been suggested. One of the first will be a collaborative venture involving Palestinian farmers in the West Bank being able to market their produce to the major retail chains in the United Kingdom. Other suggestions include facilitating the dialogue between corporations and charities on specific projects in the developing world and dealing with the widening gap between native peoples and the global economy.