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Pari Roundtable Participants

  • Mark Adams Mark is a Certified Life Coach ( ) who has developed a method that strengthens the clients' imagination, intuition, inspiration, and intention; the process is rooted in physics. “Quantum Leadership Advisors” is a company that he is creating to bring a message of "reciprocal responsibility" to the corporate, non-profit and government sectors through life coaching, architectural space planning and leadership training.
  • Helen Ampt , Working with complementary currencies in the Siena area.
  • Julie Arts is a consultant, working in organisations, facilitating small & bigger transitions. She's driven by the search for new ways to deal with some of the societal challenges we are facing. Her belief is that this new order of "ways" needs to emerge out of all existing (cultural) paradigms and out of the collective and individual creative intentions we have and share, "ways" that serve the whole as well as the uniqueness of each cell. So, she travels around the world—physically, virtually & mentally—to meet cultures, communities, individuals; to observe and to weave; domains of interest; collective transition; collective intelligence; hosting the chaordic; organizational principles; emergence Independent consultant and trainer in the domains of creativity and change
  • Laurie Glans . holds the chartered financial analyst, chartered accountant and certified financial planning designations. Laurie spent twenty years practising tax and accounting with a large firm of accountants. A decade ago he transitioned to managing client’s money and became a vice president and shareholder with Canada’s largest investment managements company. In 2009 Laurie and his fellow shareholders agreed to sell the company to Canada’s largest bank. Laurie remains managing his client’s money and is a registered director of the investment management firm. He has been involved in many charitable boards and is active in coaching hockey. He knows nothing about quantum physics but recalls doing well with high school physics.
  • Edmund Horan is Program Director of the Master of Sustainable Practice Program, a post-grad coursework program at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. His interests are in the broad area of sustainable cities—the infrastructure and the people.
  • Siraj Izhar is an a rtist whose work connects ecology with the uses of new technology in high-density communities in various cities in Europe and India.
  • Donna Kennedy-Glans is a lawyer and businesswoman with more than 20 years of experience representing large international corporations struggling to manage integrity dilemmas at head office and on the ground in more than 30 countries ( In 2003, she founded a volunteer organization that provides capacity building for professionals and community leaders in places like Yemen (
  • David Peat , former theoretical physicist, author and director of the Pari Center. Peat has organized dialogues between Scientists and Native Americans and between artists and scientists.
  • Shantena Sabbadini A physicist, with a connection to Eastern philosophy and wisdom. He has participated in running the Eranos conferences (Switzerland), has translated the I Ching and the Tao Te Ching, and is the associate director of the Pari Center.
  • Godelieve Spaas is a consultant who writes and advises about personal and organizational development in a dynamic and connected world. Her work has taken her to foster children in Brooklyn, to a citrus farm in South Africa and to a chemical plant in China. Her customers vary from DSM to Wageningen university and research center, and from high schools to the media world (VMMa). In 2008 she published seven stories about new forms of leadership, as a result of a project involving CEO's and artists researching that topic. This year her book "het 4 krachten model" appeared.
  • Lord Stone of Blackheath . Former Joint Managing Director of the Marks and Spencer chain of retail stores. He writes, “On Corporate Structure—I have always believed that a company serves its 'stakeholders' best if within its structure or 'mission' it also has a concern for the wider community and ecology in which it operates—i.e. it should be 'inclusive' and conscious of it's effect on the planet and should act with enlightened self interest.” “On the Middle East—I believe that there are several conflicting 'narratives' all of which are valid—and until each faction listens to and hears and sympathizes with the other—all deals and arrangements will be 'hollow' and will break—there needs to be BOTH a set of pragmatic agreements and structures on how to live together temporarily for decades AND a set of sincere promises that the deep real substantive issues will all be dealt with, in time—an a process whereby these promises MUST be kept.”


Virtual—via videoconferencing

  • Flavio Bonomi Distinguished engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California, and Consulting Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University.
  • Arthur Cordell , Ottawa, economist and former science policy advisor to the Canadian Government. Cordell has also proposed the 'bit tax', a way of getting at the productivity of a networked economy. The 'bit tax' also offers a way for different jurisdictions to apply a sales tax to electronic commerce. His current research is centered on the 'unintended consequences of information technology.'
  • Donna Boehme , Principal, Compliance Strategists, former chief compliance officer, British Petroleum.
  • Stan Thekaekara Established JustChange in India ( , a unique way of bringing tribal people into the global markets.