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Pari Dialogues

Pari Dialogues are a new venture for the Pari Center. We have always felt that both the Center and the village itself provided a safe container where people could meet together to explore ideas. In September 2009 a group met to explore the what the society and the world would look like decades into the furture and, in particular, what role could businesses haave in ensuring an ethical and sustainable society. Towards the end of the meeting we were all struck by the depth and freedom of our enquiry, a experience not normally felt at conventional meetings. It was out of this sense of trust and containment that the propossal of "Pari Dialogues" was formed: that organizations and businesses could come to Pari with particular issues and questions and explore them in the company of Pari dialoguers.

For a report on the September 2009 meeting.

For some first hand accounts of the first Pari Dialogue

Pari Dialogues in Seven Points.

Holistic Leadership 11-13 September 2010

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