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David Peat's latest book "A Flickering Reality" is now available. It explores the ways in which our concepts of reality have changes due to advances in physics as well as depth psychology.. You can find out more and order a s by going to


A. Essays and Papers
A wide variety of essays and papers are indexed under a variety of Classifications

B. Pari and the Sustainable City of the Future
IN 2011 the Pari Center became part of a European Union project involving groups in Berlin, London, Lisbon, Tromso and Stockholm to explore the future of cities. For a description of the project

C. Pari Network on Ethical Considerations in Economics, Business,
Society and the Environment

Report on a network of business people and economists interested in the ethical dimensions of their work.

D. Basic Books in Science
A new project whereby educational material in science and mathematics can be downloaded for free

E. Dialogues in Religion and Science
Reports on a series of talks and dialogues about religion and science that have been funded by the Metanexus Institute

F. Books

A. Essays and Papers

This section of the library contains a wide variety of essays and papers. The contents are updated on a regular basis.

Material is classified under the following indices.

Ethics Business and the Future

  • Background papers to the Pari Roundtable, September 2009

Chaos Theory and its Applications

  • Non-linear systems, chaos theory, post modernism, gentle action

  • Consciousness

  • Dualism, Matter and Mind, Karl Pribram, synchronicity

  • Economics, Ethics and Globalization

  • Changing economic paradigms, globalization, diplomacy, the welfare state, philantropy, sustainability, liberalism and neo-liberalism, development

This informal network of business people and economists has been meeting both in person and over the Internet. Those interested in participating can write to the Pari Cetner at

D. Basic books in Science

The Pari Center is supporting a new project whereby a series of workbooks in science can be downloaded without charge from the Pari Center website. The intention is to supply free educational material to developing countries. You comments and reactions would be appreciated.

E. Metanexus Local Initiatives Program: Dialogues on Religion and Science

Reports on a variety of discussions and talks dealing with the relationship between religion and science and funded by the Metanexus Institute

B. New Papers posted in the library

Science and Religious Fundamentalism in the 1920s
Edward B. Davis

Appreciating a Scientist-Theologian: Some Remarks on the Work of John Polkinghorn
Edward B. Davis

From Certainty to Uncertainty: Thought, Theory and Action in a modern world
F. David Peat

The challenge for education in uncertain times.
Maureen O'Hara


F. Books

Science and Society
John Avery

Note: 2.36 MB download

This 372 page book by John Avery of the H.C. Orsted Institute in Copenhagen traces human civilization through from the first humans, though the time of the ancient Greeks, the Renaissance and Age of Reason to the present day. In particular it deals with the Industrial Revolution, the rise of Chemistry, Nuclear Power and on to genetic engineering, the possibility of Artificial Intelligence, the care of the Earth and a look to our future.

Please note that the library also contains a number of audio clips of interviews with scientists such as Werner Heisenberg, David Bohm, P.A.M Dirac and many others.

Video clips of the village of Pari, plus a short interview with David Peat are also available in the Video Section.

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