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Pari Center Newsletter October 2005

1. Courses

We would like to announce our courses for 2006. They are as follows

New Science/New Paradigms

F. David Peat
18-25 May

Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind

F. David Peat
23-29 June

New Science/New Paradigms

F. David Peat
7-12 September

Art, Science and the Sacred

F. David Peat
6-12 October

Full information can be obtained from

In 2005 our course participants ranged in age from their mid twenties to eighty-six and came from the Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA, ,

2. Pathways of Chance

David Peat’s latest book “Pathways of Chance” is now available. It is in part an autobiography and in part an exploration of the ideas that have fascinated David throughout his life – the links between art and science, the Native American universe, his interactions with David Bohm, thoughts of ethics and action. The book can be purchased through the usual channels or you may like to order a signed copy from

3. Pari Publishing

“Pathways of Chance” also launches a new enterprise in Pari - Pari Publishing. This publishing company will be issuing books in Italian and English with distribution in the United States, UK and the rest of the world. The company is currently commissioning a book of essays on Science and Religion, based on talks given by invited speakers to Pari including George Coyne, S.J. director of the Vatican Observatory. Another venture will be to bring out key books that have not yet been translated into Italian.

4. Friends of the Pari Center 501c3

Our Friends in the United States have been active in setting up a non-profit organization and will soon be in the position to apply for and receive donations to support the work of the Pari Center. In particular we would like to be in the position to offer financial support to students, and those from developing countries, who would like to attend our courses. Friends have also been active in distributing David’s book in the United States.

5. The Pari Network: Ethics and Economics

As a result of our conferences and programs of visitors we have built up a network of business people, bankers and economists with a serious interest in the ethical dimensions of economics and business, at all levels from the local to the global. Through a series of informal meetings here in Pari as well as, thanks to the hospitality of Lord Stone of Blackheath, at the House of Lords in London, we have discussed issues of trust and loyalty in business and the spiritual dimension to these issues.

We would now like to move forward to more practical suggestions and applications. An overview of the Pari Network is now on our website and can be accessed from the homepage.

6. David Peat in the US

David will be giving a talk, “From Certainty to Uncertainty” in Boston on 28 October and on the following day at Foxhollow Berkshires, MA, then at the Graduate Institute in Milford, CT . From 4-6 November he will be giving a weekend at the Assisi Conferences in Brattleboro, VT. On 8 November he will be speaking at the New York Open Center. On 10 at the Science and Poetry group. Details and contact information can be found on the Pari Center web site

7. Links to other Learning Institutions

This year saw a visit from Dr. Joseph Subbiondo, president of the California Institute of Integral Technology to explore future links. In addition Dr Alan Combs brought a group from the Graduate Institute in Milford, CT to explore the possibility of running part of a Master’s Program at the Pari Center.

8. Dialogues in Science and Religion

Thanks to support from the Metanexus Institute in Philadelphia the Center is running a series of roundtables and talks on topics in science and religion.

9. S.P.E.S

The Pari Center was represented at the founding of SPES, the European Forum on Spirituality in Economics and Social Life and attended the second annual meeting at Louvain, Belgium on 21,22 October

10. Visitors

As in other years we had a number of long term visitors. Wilson Winnotoy came with his family to explore and propose changes in the nature of post secondary education that would involve resources from the community. He will be returning in January 2006 to complete work on his book about education. Wanda Hurren was here to do research on the social effects of the structuring of time in public spaces. Maggie Calloway spent time in Pari completing her book on ethical business. Siraj Izhar spent a week working with David Peat and Shantena Sabbadini to advance the Pari Network on Economics. Jayne Persch and her husband also made another visit back to Pari. The writer Colin Tudge and his wife Ruth West visited for a week and held lively discussions on the future of food and farming. Alan Emblin spent ten days doing research into some of the medieval symbolism of the area. Rhea Quien visited and spoke about her project to “photograph light” and to explore returning in 2006 to mount an art exhibition.

We also had short return visits from Edy Altes and Kim Williams, while Lord Stone of Blackheath has become a regular visitor during his vacations in Italy. Eric Weislogel of the Metanexus Institute also dropped in for a day of discussions. Our faithful supporters Roy McWeeney and Virginia del Re made a number of visits and Giovanna Bartlett returned for the third time and plans to return to work on study of film and adolescence.

11. Hosting

In September the Center hosted Chris Robertson and his Spiral Group of consultants.

12. Workbooks

Several of Roy McWeeney’s “WorkBooks in science and mathematics” are now available on our Website. When completed these will provide a complete basis for self-education and are intended to be downloaded without charge for those living in the Third World.


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