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F. David Peat

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Corporate Ethics, Globalization and Economic Uncertainty

Reflections on Peace and Security in the 21st Century
Edy Korthals Altes

Assets Based Development
Jan Updike

Methods for successful complementary currencies
Henk van Arkel, Jaap Vink and Camilo Ramada

The contribution of the EU to Peace and Security in an unbalanced world
Edy Altes

The World Food Club: A People's Co-operative to create a new Food Supply Chain
Colin Tudge

Towards a just and sustainable economic development
Edy Korthals Altes

The Present Economic Order
Edy Korthals Altes

Sustainable Globalization
Simone Borghesi and Alessandro Vercelli

Organizing Fields: Towards a breakthrough in social entrepreneurship
Godelieve Spaas

Business as an Agent of World Benefit: Conference Announcement

Four papers by Oscar Motomura:

Biggest Challenge

Chaordic Organizations

Sustainable Representeurship

Companies with Spirit

Social and Economic Limits of the Current Economic Paradigm: The Need for New Understandings of Society and Economy
Arthur Cordell

New Paradigms for Business (pdf file)

Codes and Behaviours
F. David Peat

Ethics and Economics
Gianni Tibaldi

Gentle Action ©:Surviving Chaos and Change
F. David Peat

Globalization, Profits and Salaries
Maurizio Franzini

Globalization and Stagnation: Background note for a Research Project
Edward Nell

I dilemmi del welfare state nell'epoca della globalizzazione
Maurizio Franzini

International Economic Diplomacy: Mutations in Post-Modern Times
Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu

Modern Philanthropy
Jan Updike

Nature and Ethics
F. David Peat

New globalization and sustainability
Alessandro Vercelli

The Quest to Civilise Globalisation
The Club of Athens Global Governance Group

Rural Development Lessons
Jan Updike

Sustainable Globalization
Borgesi and Vercelli

Updated Liberalism versus non-liberalism
Alessandro Vercelli

Westphalia: The Real Millennium Challenge
Kimon Valaskakis

Bit Tax

The New Wealth of Nations: Taxing Cyberspace.
Arthur J. Cordell, T. Ran Ide, Luc Soete, Karin Kamp

For comments on the proposed Bit Tax see also these web sites:

U.N. Bit Tax Draws Fire
Maria Semineri

Cybertax...a bit of reason or a bit ridiculous?

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