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Ethics, Business and the Future

Background Papers to the Pari 2009 Roundtable. Note, they are arranged in order of recipt. The most recent at the top of the list.

Ethical Choices: A 2006 conference on ethics in business, society and the economy co-hosted by the Pari Center

Pari Roundtable, preliminary comments by Colin Tudge

The World Food Club
Colin Tudge

For an interview with Michel Bauwens, founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation.

Petition to President Obama from “the Evolutionary Leaders”

Ethics in the Future
Jonathan Peck

About that Confidential Employee Hotline
Donna Boehme

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Excellent Idea but can it be Implemented?
Kimon Valaskakis

Globalized Labour: A Canadian Perspective
Arthur Cordell

One of our participants will be Georg Wickman who founded the Swedish Herbal Institute. For a presentation about the SHI's approach click here

How the Modern CCO came to be
Carol Carlson

Conference Report: Perspectivesof Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers on the Detection and Prevention of Corporate Misdeeds

Robinson Crusoe Economics
Arthur Cordell

Trust and Confidence in a Digital Economy
Prabir K. Neogi and Arthur Cordell

Future Work
Arthur Cordell

Social and Economic Limits of the Current Economic Paradigm: The Need for New Understandings of Society and Economy :Changing roles of government, citizens, private sector in the new networked economy

Ubuntu Declaration for a Just and Sustainable World Economy

World Economic Forum 2008 Report

Global Corporate Citizenship: The Leadership Challenge for CEOs and Boards

Global Corporate Citizenship: Working with Governmentrs and Civil Society

Promoting Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policies with National Governments, International Organizations and Institutional Investors

Business and Society Highlights

Background on India

One aspect of the roundtable will be to discuss the global impact that India will be making on the future. Siraj Izhar has send me some links on what is happening in India.

Jockin Arputham of National Slum Dwellers Federation speaking at a conference in Mumbai

Anil Kumar of the People's School of Energy on setting up a electric supply in a remote village called Bilgaon in Maharashtra

And to learn of the fate of this project see