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The Village of Pari

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The medieval village of Pari, located some 25 km south of Siena in Tuscany, is home to the Pari Center for New Learning. Pari is located on a hilltop with magnificent views of the surrounding heavily wooded areas filled with wild boar, deer and pheasants. Trout are fished in the rivers of the Farma, Merse and Ombrone. Olive groves and vineyards surround the village and most of the inhabitants grow their fruit and vegetables on the surrounding land. With its quietness and slow place of life it is an ideal place to learn and to think.

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Since the 1950s Pari's population has dropped from 1500 to around 200. It boasts a small hotel with a restaurant serving traditional Tuscan cooking, grocer, general store, post office and hairdresser. The bar sat the center of the village has recently reopened and now contains a restaurant with traditional food of the village. A tennis court and football field is located below the village. A pizza restaurant, closed in winter, is a short walk from the village.

The Center holds its meetings in a building at the top of the village, which has been built on the foundations of the medieval castle. Meals are served in the village association's meeting room, or in the local hotel. Participants at the courses and visitors to the Center stay at the local inn, furnished houses and apartments or in rooms with local families. Visitors may also care to stay on one of the agriturismos - former farmhouses now equipped with all modern amenities. See for example

In addition to walks around the village, participants can take a day trip to Siena or Florence (two buses a day) while those with cars can visit the many medieval villages, churches and monasteries in the area or even see the archeological remains of the Etruscan city of Roselle.

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