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A short history of the village from medieval times to the present day. 
How to get here
Directions on how to arrive in Pari by air, rail and road. 
A calendar of events organized by the local Community Association. 

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How to get here


Pari Center for New Learning

How to get here

For your general information, Pari is 30 km south of Siena. It is located on a hilltop a few kilometers from the main superstrada that connects Siena to Grosseto. Once you have selected your airport and flight we will send you more specific information on how to reach Pari from the airport.

By Air:

Rome airport (Leonardo da Vinci, aka Fiumicino) connects to the world's main airports. The airport is connected by commuter trains to Roma Termini and to Roma Ostiense stations. From there you can take a train north, stopping at Grosseto. You can also drive from Leonardo da Vinci airport on a superstrada that avoids Rome itself.

Pisa connects to internal Italian airports as well as to many European cities.  Pisa is about 2 hours away, by car, from Pari. The railway station is a short taxi ride from the airport and regular trains from Pisa stop at Grosseto on their way south to Rome and Naples.

Milan has some good-priced flights from North America (some via Germany). Shuttle flights (55 mins) connect Milan to Florence. Luggage checked in North America can be picked up in Florence for customs inspection. Passengers arriving at Milan simply pass through transit for their Florence flights.

Florence is just over an hour and a half  away by car from Pari and connects to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, London (Gatwick), Paris and Vienna as well as internal flights to main Italian airports. You can reach Pari either by car or by bus.

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