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Extended Learning

The Center provides an opportunity for individuals to work over a more extended period in order to explore a particular area of interest, define a research project or study program, write a book or simply maintain a life-line and sense of contact.


There have been a number of requests from people who would like to enter a mentoring program. The problem faced by the Pari Center is how to set in place an approach which gives attention to the needs and requirements of individual students yet also gives recompense to the mentor involved for the amount of time required.

The Center has examined a number of programs run by other organizations. One model that has a degree of success works in the following way. The student pays a fixed free, up-front, of $1,500 for a 12 month period of mentoring.

Mentor and student define and an area of enquiry and goals that are to be reached. Mentoring then proceeds via a series of encounters via email, telephone or a combination of both approaches. There would normally be two sessions per month.

This is the approach we shall be adopting at the Pari Center. Should an individual student wish to suggest an alternative approach in a specific case we would be interested to hear from you.

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