Frank Kupers

Frank Kupers

Consultant, inspirator and coach on the cross over between IT, education, research and people

Frank started Consult Yourself (CY) in 2005. The main reason to start Consult Yourself was his conviction that projects could be done better and cheaper if consultants become real partners who work together with the customer to achieve the purpose and goals of the project. So, projects are always executed by the client project team and consultants working together with all the other stakeholders in- and outside of the organization.

During projects, the activities are carried out by a diverse group of employees, experts and stakeholders of the client, who are supported and advised by Frank. Learning and developing with the client is a focal point. It is through this learning that employees are capable of autonomously managing the implemented systems and processes. His ideas are loosely based on Action Learning and Appreciative Inquiry.

Frank’s way of working can be characterized as one combining passion and action. His enthusiasm, open mind and professionalism are an invitation to others to join his journey towards renewing consultancy into a participatory process that unfolds along the way based on people’s and organizational needs and dreams.

Frank works all over the world a believes that intercultural and interdisciplinary teams are most fun and most effective.